Baby massage mediums... oils, creams and balms.

Lots of people ask me what is best to use on their baby when massaging. The simple answer is what ever suits you and your little one. Some like a cream, some like an oil and some like a balm. One of the main things I recommend is to know what you are putting onto your baby’s skin, check out the ingredients and make sure there are no nasties in it. I like to use Organic Sunflower oil, but that my preference, it’s the same oil I use during my massage treatments.

I’ll take you through a few of the oils, creams and balms I like.

Organic Sunflower linoleic oil - Its light, easily absorbed, rich in Omega 6 and several other vitamins. Great for dry skin and those with sensitive skin. Its pale yellow with an extremely faint odour and is made from pressed, organic sunflower seeds.

For something with a light scent, I like Neal’s Yard Massage Oil. This is a 100% organic Sunflower oil which is infused with chamomile, rose and lavender essential oils. It’s a lovely light scent and a little goes along way.

Balms are lovely, they can be worked in your hands and become lovely and warm to massage your little one. Neal's Yard Organic Baby Balm is one of my favourites. It’s 100% organic, fragrance free blend of soothing and nourishing shea butter and botanical oils.

If a cream is more your thing then take a look at the Neal's Yard Organic baby body lotion. Enriched with naturally soothing starflower and relaxing lavender oils, this organic lotion is gently softening and soothing, Light and easily absorbed.

I hold some of these items in stock. Let me know if there is anything you are interested in.

The Neal’s Yard items can also be purchased online at

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