This lovely set is perfect for those people who are always on the go and often need a reason to stop and relax. 


The Time to Reax set includes the following:

  • Relaxing handmade lavender and flaxseed eye pillow. Lay back and place the pillow over your eyes to trigger the relaxation reflex and and put your body in to Relaxation mode.
  • Cleansing and relaxing lavender bath salts. A spoon full of these into your bath to help to relax and unwind.
  • Relaxation roller ball - add this to your pulse points to help you relax and enhance your wellbeing. The comforting blend of lavender, bergamot and frankincense soothes body and mind while helping you to unwind. Keep on your desk or in your bag and apply throughout the day.
  • Aromatherapy de-stress blend - This tranquil blend of soothing ylang ylang, nourishing neroli and uplifting petitgrain relaxes your body and mind. It helps ease your mind worries and troubles by transporting you to a place of peace and calm. There are various ways in which you can use this, as to massage oil and massage into your skin, add a few drops to a diffuser and create a relaxing ambiance and mood.

Time to Relax Set

  • Returns are not accepted on these items for hygeine reasons.

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