This lovely due is will is great for aiding relaxation and is a great add on to any of my vouchers.

Aroma Relax Set

  • This lovely gift set is a great present to send on its own or to add with a gift voucher for a relaxing massage or reflexology treatment.

    These relaxing handmade weighted eye pillows are filled with flaxseeds and lavender. The weight from the pillow stimulates the body’s relaxation reflex (Oculocardiac reflex) and the lavender helps to reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation. They are great for relaxing after a stressful day, and for using during meditation and yoga. I love using mine during my massage and reflexology sessions.

    The Aromatherapy roller balls are great for an on the go pick me up or to leave next to your bedside. Options available are:

    • Relaxation - The comforting blend of lavender, bergamot and frankincense soothes body and mind while helping you to unwind.
    • Meditation - The relaxing aromas of frankincense, vetiver and sandalwood come together to create a moment of inner calm for a feeling of enhanced wellbeing.
    • Night time -  (Not in stock - order only) The soothing aromas of neroli, rose and Roman chamomile work together to promote a sense of calm and relaxation when it’s time for bed. Keep on your bedside table and use as part of an evening ritual to help you unwind.
    • Woman's Balance - A balancing blend of relaxing patchouli, uplifting geranium, nurturing rose and rejuvenating frankincense. The blend works together to relax, calm and restore balance to your body and mind. The rose and geranium help take the edge off emotions to support inner clarity and poise.

    This set is made up of 1 eyepillow and 1 rollerball. 

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